Where To Eat The Best Seafood On Hilton Head Island

Think about the last time you were at a restaurant. What was the one thing that made you choose to dine at that particular restaurant? Was it the food and drinks? Did you like the restaurant staff? Did you choose because of the occasion? Or did you have more than one reason?

While there are several personal reasons why someone would choose to dine here at Skull Creek Dockside, we believe that there are also a few universals. Universally, no one likes stale food, lousy staff members, or poor customer service.


Here’s what we found brings people in and keeps them coming back:


Spectacular! A perfect combination of creek, marshes, docks, and boats. Every table in our dining room offers a panoramic view, giving us the well-earned moniker of “Best Waterfront Restaurant on Hilton Head.”


Anyone can throw some questionable crab legs on an all-you-can-eat buffet or whip up a tired version of shrimp scampi (ours is not tired, it’s on pizza). But what’s missing from the dishes in other restaurants is the passion and heart that goes into preparing food. At Dockside our chefs are special. They have a true affinity for flavor profiles and palate-pleasing combinations that elevates our dishes to a gourmet stratosphere that have our customers calling us the “Best Seafood Restaurant on Hilton Head.” At Dockside we seek out chefs who are dedicated to their craft, beyond the call of duty.


The difference between fresh, locally caught seafood and your supermarket’s frozen fish sticks is night and day. While all seafood has a distinct flavor, only fresh quality ingredients can create a meal that shines.

We use fresh, delicious, local seafood as much as possible. The clear coastal waters, sweeping marshes, secluded inlets, and meandering tidal creeks of Hilton Head are home to a wide variety of fish and shellfish. When you come to Dockside you are guaranteed to be served the freshest seafood on Hilton Head.


There are many seafood dishes that are tried and true classics (and are delicious) but at Dockside we have taken beloved classics and added exciting ingredient combinations that tantalize the taste buds. When you dine at Dockside be prepared to be swept away on a flavorful journey. From our Mustard BBQ Glazed Salmon to our Lobster Mac n Cheese, we are always pushing the culinary envelope.


It goes without saying that a well thought out menu is the cornerstone of any restaurant. We thought long and hard about our offerings. Seafood drives the bus on our menu but we brought along some delectable passengers.

Maybe you’re not a seafood lover or have some allergies but that’s not a reason to avoid coming to Dockside. We have the beef, from Ribeye to Filet Mignon, with stops along the way such as Meatloaf and Beef Short Ribs. Yes, we are a carnivore’s delight. Steak and seafood, a perfect partnership. If you want the best steak and seafood restaurant on Hilton then make Dockside your destination.

But we don’t stop there. We always want to be cutting-edge creative. And we are! We are the only waterfront restaurant on Hilton Head to serve barbecue. That bears repeating: the only waterfront restaurant on Hilton Head that serves barbecue. Brisket, Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Pulled Pork, just some more reasons to come to Dockside.

Wow, we have an amazing resume: best waterfront dining, best seafood restaurant, best steak and seafood restaurant, best BBQ and seafood restaurant on Hilton Head Island. And it goes without saying that we serve the freshest seafood on the island.

Come to think of it, we also have great takeout. Many people might say that Marley’s Shrimp Shack has the best seafood takeout…but we dare to venture that we might just beat them out. The best seafood takeout on Hilton Head is Skull Creek Dockside. And while we’re at it, Dockside, and our sister restaurant Boathouse, can rightly claim to be the two best seafood restaurants on the water on Hilton Head.


While it is tempting to associate great dining experiences with the selection and quality of food at a restaurant, that is actually seeing less than half the picture. We realize that even with the best food and ambiance in town, poor customer service will have patrons looking for another venue for their dinner plans.

At Dockside we strive for great customer service from everyone working at the restaurant: hosts, servers, food runners, bussers, managers, even the kitchen staff. We start your experience with a friendly face at the host stand, throw in a server with a cheerful attitude, and top it off with an accommodating manager so as to make your experience amazing and satisfying.


Quality seafood can be an expensive proposition for a seafood restaurant. At Dockside we pride ourselves on serving quality ingredients while remaining wallet-friendly for our customers. Our aim is always to provide the best value on Hilton Head.


We’ll cut to the chase: to us cleanliness is next to Godliness.


Let’s say you’re not vacationing or visiting Hilton Head. Or you’re a local but you are far away. What do you do if you are craving seafood and Skull Creek Dockside is not an option. We decided to put together some tips when you’re far away.

Ask Your Server About Any Unknown-To-You Seafood

Have you ever encountered a fish name that makes you scratch your head? Sometimes restaurants offer specialty seafood items that might have foreign sounding names. Always feel free to ask your server to describe the fish, especially in terms of taste and texture.

Find Out Where the Fish Came From

The fresher the fish the better. An exceptional restaurant should always be able to tell you where your seafood came from. But just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, you’re not at Dockside on Hilton Head. If your server doesn’t know, see if you can talk to someone before making a final decision.

Beware of Any Potential Allergies

If you have any allergies, such as to shellfish or nut based oils, it’s important to understand how dishes have been prepared (this applies to us at Dockside, too). Always be upfront about your allergies or concerns with the waitstaff. They should be well versed in ways to help you navigate away from certain foods on the menu such as a mixed pasta dish that may include shellfish.

Know Which Fish Are in Season in the Area

If you can, do a little investigating on seasonal fish, lobsters, crabs, etc., at the restaurant you are planning to visit. If this isn’t possible then ask the restaurant. If you want the freshest seafood available, this is an important question to have answered.

Understand Various Cooking Terms

Do you understand the difference between a filet that has been sauteed or poached? Pan fried or deep fried? Battered or buttered? These are all terms you might encounter on seafood restaurant menus, but may seem confusing. When you come across a term you don’t know, you have a couple of options. You could always pull out your cell phone and check on the spot (yes, we are kidding….put your phone away while you’re dining out!), but a better option would be to ask the waist staff for a quick primer on what the term means. And the reason that this could be extra important is that, while the term may be a simple culinary term, the chef may have his or her own take on it and prepare it in a slightly different way.

No trip to Hilton Head is complete without some fresh-from-the-dock seafood. From Lowcountry boil to shrimp and grits to she-crab soup, Dockside is the place to go for fresh, impeccable seafood, exemplary BBQ, steakhouse-quality steaks, and a big portion of Southern hospitality….all with grand, sweeping views included. Come sample our wide-ranging cooking style and our exacting attention to detail and service. See why Skull Creek Dockside is the best seafood restaurant (and so much more) on Hilton Head Island.